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          • Name: Highbay light

          • Numbers: JR-GK0315
          • Features: The secondary anodic oxidation of the high purity aluminum reflector,improve the light output effect

          • Name: Highbay light

          • Numbers: JR-GK0314
          • Features: Aluminum die-casting electrical box patent flying Saucer electrical box or MDK aluminum alloy electr

          • Name: Highbay light

          • Numbers: JR-GK0311
          • Features: Tempered glass,high transmittance,installing height:5-15m.

          • Name: Highbay light

          • Numbers: JR-GK0305
          • Features: UV resistant,high temperature resistant PC cover,hight intensity,fine tansparence,long life span.

          • Name: Highbay Light

          • Numbers: JR-GK0302
          • Features: High purity aluminum oxide secondary reflector,improve the light output effectively.

          • Name: Highbay light

          • Numbers: JR-GK0301
          • Features: No Glare No Flicker Eye-protection,Excellent heat sink Own Design and Patent,10,000 Hours Lifespan

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