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        The production vice manager is responsible for product quality management, and Product Control Department has 6 full-time quality inspectors, including 2 product management personnel, 2 quality inspection personnel, 1 measuring control personnel, and 1 type tester.

        We carry out quality control analysis from product design, and emphasize product quality, so we focus on quality control of manufacturing process and quality awareness of employees, and make components enter the next process after passing inspection through self check of manufacturing workers, routing inspection of workshop managers, process inspection of professional quality inspectors, and test verification.

        We have been certified to and carried out ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.
        The company has entire detectability of produced JR electroless lamps and matched lamps.


        • YF1000 light color electric comprehensive analysis system: Accurate analysis measurement to CIE color parameters, optical parameters and electrical parameters of light source;
        • EMC conduction and radiation test system;
        • GCT high and low voltage power distribution cabinet test desk: Comprehensive performance test of power distribution cabinet;
        • XMDA-1611 temperature measurement meter: Test temperature rise of products;
        • Ram hammer: Perform impact test to product glass assembly and aluminum alloy and stainless steel shell;
        • DJ3000 computer acceleration aging meter: Perform ageing performance test of light source; Hydraulic press: Perform hydraulic test to all explosion-proof cavities;
        • Hydraulic press: Perform hydraulic test to all explosion-proof cavities;ZHZ8A withstand voltage tester: Perform withstand voltage test to lamps.








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